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Beat City is a rhythm game for the DS by THQ



Once upon a time Beat City was a prosperous place with a vibrant mood, happy and friendly residents and a uniquely creative atmosphere. Since then it has been taken over by the evil Cacophony Corporation, over by failed opera singer Dame Isolde Minor. She is draining the spirit of the people and turning them into mindless drones for the Cacophony factories.

Beat City residents have yet to find out that a hero is on the way! A Groovy Whale armed with the power of the beat has descended upon Beat City from a far-away planet in order to find a worthy citizen of exploting Beat City, Groovy Whale comes ascross a citizen who contains a uniquelly strong sense of beat and rhythm, which has been supressed by the evil Cacophony. By imbedding a speaker in the head of this once vibrant citizen, Groovy Whale has revived the beat within the chosen hero known as Synchronizer. Use the power of the beat to prove that rhythm is life and see Beat City revitaliozed in front of your eyes!


Beat City is played very similarly to Rhythm Heaven. The player turns their DS sideways and taps, swipes, or holds along to the rhythm. Timing is key in every game. There are three "beat moves" to learn-

1. Tap the touch screen
2. Swipe on the touch screen. It's all in the wrist! Try not to hold for too long
3. Tap and hold on the touch screen



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